Privacy Policy

Updated November 10, 2021


The information and privacy of the Subscriber is important to the Subscriber and MSEC Communications, LLC, d/b/a MidSouth Fiber Internet, and/or by any and all other assumed names (collectively, “MidSouth Fiber”). This MidSouth Fiber Privacy Policy (herein referred to as “Policy”) explains how MidSouth Fiber uses Subscriber’s information and how MidSouth Fiber protects such information.


Defined Terms

Capitalized terms in this Policy are as defined in the MidSouth Fiber Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise expressly defined herein.


When this Policy applies

This Policy applies to the information MidSouth Fiber collects when Subscriber uses the Service(s) that link to such information. This Policy also applies to the information MidSouth Fiber collects about Subscriber from third parties. This Policy does not apply to non-MidSouth Fiber Service(s).


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Here are a few special circumstances where this Policy may not apply, or may apply in addition to other policies:

  • In certain cases, when Subscriber is using the Service(s), other companies may be collecting information, so that Subscriber’s information may be covered by this Policy and other privacy policies at the same time. Here are some examples: if Subscriber uses the Service(s) to connect to a social networking service; or if Subscriber provides Subscriber’s information to another company through a co-branded website, app or service controlled by the other company. In those cases, any information Subscriber provides to those companies may be subject to just policies of those companies, or subject to both the policies of those companies and this Policy.
  • If Subscriber is a MidSouth Fiber business customer, MidSouth Fiber may have written product or service agreements that contain specific provisions about confidentiality, security or handling of information. When one of those agreements differs from or conflicts with this Policy, the terms of those agreements shall control.
  • Because this Policy describes the privacy practices for all Service(s), some parts may not apply to Subscriber. For example, if Subscriber does not subscribe to MidSouth Fiber Telephone Service (a/r/a Phone Service), MidSouth Fiber will not collect call detail information.






The information MidSouth Fiber Collects

To provide Subscriber with the Service(s), MidSouth Fiber collects Subscriber’s personal information. This can include information that does not personally identify Subscriber—such as device numbers, IP addresses, and account numbers. It may also include information that does personally identify Subscriber, such as Subscriber’s name, address, and telephone number. MidSouth Fiber calls any information that identifies Subscriber, personally identifiable information (“PII”).


If Subscriber allows third parties to use Subscriber’s MidSouth Fiber accounts or Service(s), MidSouth Fiber will also collect personal information about those individuals. If a user is not a MidSouth Fiber customer, but uses MidSouth Fiber Service(s) through  Subscriber’s account, MidSouth Fiber will collect information about that user, but that information may not identify who that user is to MidSouth Fiber. MidSouth Fiber may also collect information about that user from third parties.


MidSouth Fiber collects this information to provide the Service(s), respond to Subscriber’s requests, and to tailor the Service(s) to best meet Subscriber’s needs and interests.


Here are detailed examples of information MidSouth Fiber collects from the Service(s):

  • “Account Information” includes contact and billing information, service-related details and history and similar information, including Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”). It also includes technical, equipment and usage information that relate to the services, products, websites, and networks MidSouth Fiber provides to Subscriber.
  • “Web Browsing” includes websites Subscriber visits, internet protocol addresses, URLs, and Cookies, as hereinafter defined. MidSouth Fiber may use Cookies to collect information about Subscriber’s internet usage. A “Cookie” is a small computer file that is placed on a Subscriber’s computer by MidSouth Fiber, a vendor that allows MidSouth Fiber, or the vendor itself to collect information about Subscriber’s web browsing history.
  • “Equipment Information” includes information that identifies or relates to equipment on MidSouth Fiber’s networks, such as type, identifier, status, settings, configuration, software, or use.
  • “Network Performance and Usage Information” includes information about MidSouth Fiber’s networks, including Subscriber’s use of Service(s) or equipment on the networks, and how each is performing.
  • “Location Information” includes Subscriber’s street address, ZIP code and where Subscriber’s device is located.
  • “TV and Video Viewing Information” is generated when Subscriber uses MidSouth Fiber video services, such as apps or internet protocol television services. MidSouth Fiber gets information from the technologies Subscriber uses to watch TV or video. These services may also include video on demand, pay per view, streaming service, interactive services and games, DVR services, TV apps for a tablet or smartphone and similar services and products. If Subscriber is watching TV or video through a web browser or app, MidSouth Fiber may also collect information as described above in the web browsing and app information section. MidSouth Fiber also collects information related to Subscriber’s use and interaction with the equipment in Subscriber’s home including the set top boxes, remotes and other devices Subscriber may use to access the Service(s).
  • Installation and use of MidSouth Fiber applications (“App”) through mobile marketplaces (i.e., Apple App Store or Google Play Store) may collect and process information provided directly by Subscriber when Subscriber installs the App and registers for an account to use the App. This information may include, but is not limited to, Subscriber’s name, email address, location, Subscriber’s phone or contact book data, Subscriber’s inventory of installed apps, and/or Subscriber’s screen recordings. MidSouth Fiber may also gain access to browser information and session Cookies related to Subscriber’s use of and access to the App. Data insights MidSouth Fiber attains based on correlation and analytics of Subscriber’s information collected in providing the App, which may be used in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats or to obtain trend analytics, to provide the App; and use of the aforementioned described collected information in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats to enhance MidSouth Fiber’s current App or to provide additional App features.


How MidSouth Fiber gets Subscriber’s information

MidSouth Fiber collects Subscriber’s information in 3 ways:

  • Subscriber gives the information to MidSouth Fiber when Subscriber signs up for Service(s), make changes to Subscriber’s account, or otherwise directly communicate with MidSouth Fiber.
  • MidSouth Fiber automatically gets the information when Subscriber uses or Subscriber’s devices use the Service(s). For example, MidSouth Fiber uses network tools to collect information about performance and WiFi signal to Subscriber’s devices.
  • MidSouth Fiber gets the information from outside sources like credit reports, marketing mailing lists, and commercially available geographic and demographic information, along with other available information, such as public posts to social media sites.


How MidSouth Fiber uses Subscriber’s information

MidSouth Fiber uses the information MidSouth Fiber collects to provide the Service(s) and communicate with Subscriber. MidSouth Fiber also uses the information to improve the Service(s), develop new Service(s), give recommendations, deliver personalized marketing and advertising for MidSouth Fiber’s own Service(s), investigate theft and other illegal activities, and to ensure a secure online environment.


MidSouth Fiber also uses the information collected by the App, including PII, to provide Subscriber with the App as described in this Policy; implement, improve, and/or enhance the App, including to make future releases available to Subscriber; carry out MidSouth Fiber obligations as described or authorized in the MidSouth Fiber Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and this Policy; enforce MidSouth Fiber rights arising from the MidSouth Fiber Terms and Conditions between Subscriber and MidSouth Fiber; and fulfill any other purpose authorized by Subscriber and reasonably required for the App.




How MidSouth Fiber shares Subscriber’s information

  • MidSouth Fiber shares the information with Subscriber’s permission.
  • MidSouth Fiber shares the information across affiliate companies of MSEC Communications, LLC, including, but not limited to, Mid-South Electric Cooperative Association.
  • MidSouth Fiber shares the information with third parties connected to MidSouth Fiber for purposes of providing Service(s).
  • MidSouth Fiber shares the information when required by law or to respond to legal process.


Sharing Subscriber information across MSEC Communications, LLC affiliates

Like many companies, MidSouth Fiber has a number of affiliates. MidSouth Fiber shares information that may identify Subscriber personally internally among affiliates of MSEC Communications, LLC, including, but not limited to, Mid-South Electric Cooperative Association. For information collected under this Policy, MidSouth Fiber requires the affiliates to protect the information consistent with this Policy.


Sharing Subscriber’s information with third parties

MidSouth Fiber may share information with non-MidSouth Fiber companies for the purpose of providing and supporting the Service(s).


MidSouth Fiber does not sell information that identifies who Subscriber is to anyone. Although permitted by federal law, MidSouth Fiber does not disclose Subscriber’s name and address to non-governmental entities, such as charities or business, for marketing purposes of MidSouth Fiber.


Sharing with Public Safety Authorities

If Subscriber uses the MidSouth Fiber Telephone Service (a/r/a “Phone Service”), MidSouth Fiber will disclose Subscriber’s name and contact information to public safety authorities such as 911/E911 and related emergency services.


Directory Services, Assistance, and Caller ID

Subscriber’s name, address, and telephone number may be sent to publishers to be printed in directories and posted in online directories. Once that information is printed or posted online, it is outside of MidSouth Fiber’s control and may be sorted or repackaged and made available again in different formats by anyone, including data aggregators, for a variety of purposes, including marketing. For a fee, Subscriber can choose to have a non-published number, which means that MidSouth Fiber will not provide Subscriber’s name, address, and telephone number for publishing in the phone book and online directories.


MidSouth Fiber may also make Subscriber’s number, name, and address available to directory assistance (411) providers. For a separate fee from the non-published number fee, MidSouth Fiber will not make Subscriber’s number available through directory assistance. MidSouth Fiber may still share Subscriber’s name and address with the 411 providers when specified by law (but the provider is not authorized to share Subscriber’s non-published number).

Caller ID provides Subscriber’s name and telephone number to the person Subscriber is calling – even if Subscriber has a non-published number.


How long MidSouth Fiber keeps Subscriber information

MidSouth Fiber keeps Subscriber’s personal information for different lengths of time depending on the type of information and the business and legal requirements. For example, if Subscriber is a customer, MidSouth Fiber keeps Subscriber’s personal information for as long as Subscriber subscribes to one or more of MidSouth Fiber Service(s). If Subscriber no longer subscribes to the Service(s), MidSouth Fiber still may need that information for business and legal requirements, such as to protect against fraud, calculate taxes, or respond to legal requests. MidSouth Fiber destroys, de-identifies, or anonymizes the information when it is no longer needed in identifiable form.



CPNI is information about your VOIP Services from us, including what plans you subscribe to, how you use these Services and details such as who you have called. (Your telephone number, name and address are not considered CPNI.) We use CPNI internally and share it outside MidSouth Fiber only when conforming with applicable regulations and orders of the Federal Communications Commission.


We do not share CPNI with anyone outside of the MidSouth Fiber Parties as defined in the MidSouth Fiber Internet Terms and Conditions or our authorized agents or vendors without your consent, with the following authorized exceptions: Court orders; as authorized by law; fraud detection; to provide your service and route your calls; for network operations and security; aggregate (grouped) information and information that doesn’t identify you personally.


We may use your CPNI internally. We may share information about our customers among the MidSouth Fiber Parties to offer new or enhanced services or promotions. We can also use your CPNI for the purpose of turning it into aggregate data or information that does not personally identify you.


It is your right and our duty under federal law to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI.

If you don’t want us to use your CPNI internally for things like offers, you can call us at (936) 825-5100 and let a representative know you would like to opt out.


If you choose to restrict our use of your CPNI, it won’t affect your ability to use any of your services. You can change your mind at any time about letting us use or not use your CPNI. If you restrict your CPNI use, you may still get marketing from us, but it won’t be based on using your CPNI.


Children’s Privacy

MidSouth Fiber is committed to fully complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). COPPA gives parents control over what information websites can collect from their kids. MidSouth Fiber recognizes that parents often subscribe to the Service(s) for family use, including use by minors. Any information collected from such usage will appear to be the PII of the actual Subscriber to the Service(s) and will be treated as such under this Policy. MidSouth Fiber does not knowingly, directly, or passively collect PII from children under the age of 13. If Subscriber believes Subscriber’s child may have provided MidSouth Fiber with PII, Subscriber can contact MidSouth Fiber and MidSouth Fiber will delete the information.



MidSouth Fiber works hard to safeguard Subscriber’s data using a range of technological and organizational security controls.


MidSouth Fiber maintains and protects the security of computer storage and network Equipment and uses security procedures that require employees to authenticate themselves to access sensitive data.


MidSouth Fiber also limits access to personal information only to those employees with jobs requiring such access. MidSouth Fiber requires callers and online users to authenticate themselves before providing account information.


No security measures are perfect, however. MidSouth Fiber cannot guarantee that Subscriber’s information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Policy. If a breach were to occur, MidSouth Fiber will notify Subscriber as required by applicable law.


Potential acquisitions of the business

If MidSouth Fiber enters into a potential or actual merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of the assets of MidSouth Fiber, then information about Subscriber and Subscriber’s subscription will, in most cases, be shared or transferred to the surviving entity as part of the transaction. This includes PII.

How to contact MidSouth Fiber about this Policy

Any questions about the accuracy, or disputes relating to access, of Subscriber’s personal information should be directed to MSEC Communications, LLC, d/b/a/ MidSouth Fiber Internet, P.O. Box 970, Navasota, TX 77868. Alternatively Subscriber may call MidSouth Fiber Internet at 936-825-5100 or email us at legal@midsouthfiber.com.


Changes in this Policy

This Policy may be changed periodically, as applicable by law and as Service(s) provided by MidSouth Fiber change.