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Home features You can’t pass up

All-in-One App Solution

Manage your network and the devices it powers within the free MidSouth Fiber app. Create guest networks, change your password and view usage all from your phone- plus so much more!

Added Network Security

Your private information should stay just that- private. MidSouth's ProtectIQ technology adds an extra layer of protection from viruses and malware to your network.

Personalized Device Management

Create profiles for each member of your family and their personal devices with ExperienceIQ. Enforce the internet rules you set in your home with time limits, content restrictions and parental controls.

Plans for every Household

So you have more time for you


Prices starting at

$64.95 for 100 Mbps

(plus tax)

$79.95 for 500 Mbps (plus tax)

$99.95 for 1 Gbps (plus tax)

No Contract or Cancellation Fees

No Installation Cost If You Sign Up Early

Reliable and Local

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Prices starting at

$29.99 per month

(plus tax)

Service Available Now!

No Contract

No Cancellation Fees

No Installation Cost If You Sign Up Early

Reliable Local Service

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Prices starting at

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Personalized Streaming Guide

Watch Free Live TV

Customizable Packages

Find Your Favorite Channels and Shows

Discover Thousands of Movie Titles

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