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Spring 2022 Fiber Update

April 29, 2022

This spring, MidSouth Fiber has gained over 2,000 new fiber fans, bringing our total number of fiber subscribers to over 8,000 since our last update.

Most of MidSouth territory now has access to fast and reliable fiber internet. The remaining service areas, 301 and 303, are making quick progress and should wrap up construction in the near future. Members living in these areas are encouraged to pre-register their address now to help make the sign-up process easier once fiber is available. To pre-register your address, please visit midsouthfiber.com and click the Get Fiber Internet button.

As MidSouth continues to grow its subscribership, the co-op has made changes to its fiber outage restoration workflow to set itself further apart from other internet providers in the area. You can learn more about the new process and how it helps shorten the time our members are without internet due to an unplanned outage by listening to the latest episode of the MidSouth Minute podcast.

We appreciate your continued patience as we near the finish line of our initial 3-phase construction. To learn more about MidSouth Fiber or to sign up for service, please visit midsouthfiber.com.