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Tropical Storm Nicholas Preparation

September 13, 2021

MidSouth Fiber members will begin to see the effects of Tropical Storm Nicholas as early as Monday, September 13. MidSouth crews  and contractors are ready and waiting to restore any internet outages that may be caused by the storm.


Fiber Outage Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a fiber outage?

If you experience an outage, please report it by calling our 24/7 fiber tech support at 936-243-4237

What causes a fiber outage during a storm?

A fiber outage is caused by damage to our infrastructure. Fallen trees on our lines and broken utility poles can contribute to internet outages.

When should I report my fiber outage?

If you are also experiencing an electric outage, please wait until your electricity has been restored to report your internet outage. Your router needs power to provide internet in your home.

My power has been restored but my internet still isn’t working. Why?

It’s possible crews are making repairs to the fiber cable damaged by the storm or your router needs to be rebooted. When you report your outage by calling 936-243-4237, a fiber technician can help troubleshoot and determine the cause of your outage.

When will my internet be restored?

Once it is safe for crews to begin outage restoration, they will begin to access the damage and make repairs. All MidSouth crews and contractors are on standby to make repairs and get you back online as quickly and safely as possible.

Where can I find updates on internet outage restoration?

MidSouth will update members of restoration progress on our Facebook page and by email. Our team is currently developing an outage map for fiber subscribers to view restoration progress in the future.