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Virtual Volunteering

April 4, 2024

The month of April is recognized as National Volunteer Month, a time to give back through acts of service and celebrate the impact volunteerism has on communities. There is always a need for in-person volunteers, but not everyone has the time or resources to attend. Virtual volunteering has become extremely popular for this very reason and the variety of opportunities it offers to a large group of people.


Volunteering virtually can have the same major impact as in-person does on those who participate. In fact, 96% of volunteers report the activity enriches their sense of purpose.* While sorting at a food bank, collecting donations and cleaning up trash on the side of the road are necessary and helpful, the option to remotely donate a service gives people the opportunity to be generous with a different group of skillsets.


Online opportunities to help others are flexible and vary by specific role. Volunteers choose how much time they want to commit and complete tasks from any location with only a computer. Common virtual tasks include translating, tutoring, data entry, transcribing, photo editing, graphic design and much more.


According to a study by VolunteerMatch, 66% of volunteers give time to improve their communities, and 83% do so to contribute to a cause. Prior to the virtual option, volunteers were limited to providing in-person assistance within their community or participating in fundraiser activities hosted by large non-profit organizations from around the world. Virtual volunteering enables people to support both local and global organizations through an internet connection.

Local and global opportunities to give your time and talents online can be found through a google search or by visiting VolunteerMatch.com.


This April, consider the impact you could make. MidSouth Fiber Internet encourages everyone to participate in National Volunteer Month to find your own sense of purpose while helping others.

MidSouth Fiber Internet is proud to support its communities through volunteer efforts with local food banks, county fairs, school programs and much more. Show your support for our communities by shopping local. 

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