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What Speed Do You Need?

December 1, 2023

No matter which internet service provider you choose, selecting the right package can be a challenge. A higher speed ensures a more consistent connection, but it also costs more. How do you choose the right package for your internet usage and budget? Let’s break it down.


Calculating the speed you need begins with the amount of devices in your household. From TVs, cellphones and computers to refrigerators, video doorbells and smart thermostats – technological advancements have created a large array of items needing internet connectivity.


Consider how many devices are used at one time in your household. The more devices, the larger the internet package you need.


Determining what package is right for you also depends on what you do with your connected devices. Are you streaming on multiple TVs simultaneously? Do you work from home? Is someone in the house an avid gamer? Speeds needed differ depending on how you use the internet. The chart below breaks down the average speeds to complete each online task.



If you work from home, consider your upload speeds too. While download speeds determine how fast a video or webpage loads in your home, upload speeds determine the quality of video calls with people outside of your home. The slower the speed, the more sluggish your Zoom calls. Luckily, if you’re a MidSouth Fiber Internet subscriber symmetrical upload and download speeds are provided with every package.


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