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Winter 2022 Fiber Update

February 9, 2022

2022 is off to a great start for MidSouth Fiber Internet. We wrapped up last year with over 6,000 active fiber subscribers. What an incredible milestone! To date, we have more than 6,600 active MidSouth Fiber subscribers and over 750 members in the queue for installation.

Since the beginning of the year, we have opened three additional service areas in phases 2 and 3. Members in service areas 203, 205 and 304 now have access to bolder, faster and more reliable MidSouth Fiber Internet.

Since the start of the MidSouth Fiber project, crews have moved at a rapid pace to lay more than 2,010 miles of fiber line across our service territory. The recent progress in the project has remaining service areas wondering when they’ll be able to sign up for fiber internet. As more service areas open, contractors are focusing their efforts on remaining service areas 204,  301 and 303. As construction wraps up in each of these service areas, we will open registration for members to schedule their installation.

Members living in the remaining service areas are encouraged to pre-register their addresses at midsouthfiber.com to receive important updates and be one of the first to know when MidSouth Fiber is available in their area. If you are ready to hop on the broadband wagon and live in an open service area, call one of our fiber representatives at 936-825-5100 to sign up.

Planning for the fiber project began in mid-2018 with the focus of making our electrical distribution system more robust and providing more dependable service to members. By installing fiber, we can communicate efficiently and reliably with our electric devices, as well as provide our members with fiber fast internet. For some of our more rural members, MidSouth Fiber offers speeds up to 40 times the competition at a more reasonable price.

Active subscribers are eagerly waiting for TV and phone services to become available. We are working hard to iron out the details, finalize channel lineups and bring you the best service at the most reasonable price. As we get closer to launching these services, updates will be posted to our social media and shared with fiber fans by email. The “Fiber to the Home” service gives individuals in MidSouth territory the opportunity to get their internet, TV and phone service from the same distributor, bundle services and pay for all of them on one monthly bill.

As we near the completion of the initial three-phase fiber project, we appreciate your continued patience during construction. To learn more about MidSouth Fiber or to sign up for service, please visit midsouthfiber.com.