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Get More Out of Your Internet with ExperienceIQ

September 18, 2023

Benefits of being a MidSouth Fiber Internet subscriber include 24/7 support and built-in network security. But, did you know you can also control every device in your household?

Learn how to set up Enhanced Parental Control Profiles


ExperienceIQ, a solution within the MidSouth Fiber app, allows users to set rules for their network — including parental controls, monitoring activity, creating guest networks, and prioritizing devices. MidSouth Fiber Internet puts you in control.


Set Parental Controls

In an era where everything is online, from schoolwork to social media, keeping your kids safe and on track can be a challenge.

ExperienceIQ lets you set time restrictions and block websites for specific devices. Ensure your children complete homework at the appropriate time and are unable to access dangerous websites. Additionally, you can limit the amount of time your children spend online while at home.

Learn how to Add Filters to Enhanced Parental Control Profiles

Learn how to set time-restrictions.

Learn how to block websites.


Monitor Activity

No one likes an internet thief. Control who has access to your internet by monitoring activity from unrecognized devices. Receive real-time notifications every time a new device joins your network and easily remove devices at no additional cost.

An Introduction to the Main Dashboard of the App

Learn how to monitor device activity.


Create Guest Networks

Although sharing is caring, you may not want to share your password with others when it comes to your home internet, which stores your personal data. Next time you host an event or have friends visiting from out of town, create a guest network so your visitors can still surf the web without accessing your personal network and information.

Learn how to setup a guest network.


Prioritize Devices

If you are a gamer, work from home, or have multiple devices on your network, it may be difficult to maintain a consistent connection without interruptions.

Through ExperienceIQ, users have the option of assigning priority internet access to specific devices and apps. With device prioritization, all connected devices receive fiber-fast internet, but if your household’s connection slows down, those with priority will maintain their speeds automatically, keeping you connected when it counts.

View Network Usage with the App

Learn how to set priority devices.


Take control of your internet by downloading the MidSouth Fiber Internet app today from the App Store or Google Play.

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