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Restoring fiber outages from June 21 severe weather

June 22, 2023

*****For Immediate Release*****


Navasota, TX – June 22, 2023 – 11:00 A.M.

The severe storm on June 21, 2023, caused extensive damage to our fiber and electric systems. MidSouth’s priority is to first restore power to affected members. As electric infrastructure is repaired, crews will follow behind to repair fiber lines.


Wednesday night’s storm brought substantial high winds and lightning strikes into our service area. Lines are tangled in large trees, and poles and crossarms are broken. Residential fiber equipment could be damaged by lightning; however, status is unknown until power is restored.


Damage assessment is underway while crews are actively working so preparations can be made to efficiently make repairs throughout the MidSouth system. Accurate restoration times cannot be given until the damage has been thoroughly evaluated.


If your internet has been affected by the storm, please help us by doing the following:


  • Wait until your electricity has been restored to report and troubleshoot your internet

  • Once your power is restored, restart your Gigaspire router

    • a green light means your internet is successfully connected (if you have a green light and your internet connection is still unsuccessful, please unplug any hard-wired devices and try again)

    • a red light means you are not connected to the internet and requires further troubleshooting

  • To report your internet outage, please call 936-24FIBER (936-243-4237)

  • If your router has been damaged by lightning, a scheduled visit by a technician may be required to replace equipment


MidSouth Fiber Internet is committed to providing the highest level of service. Restoration efforts are challenging, and we appreciate your continued patience as crews work as quickly and safely as possible.


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