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Residential Internet Pricing

February 7, 2020

After much anticipation, MidSouth Fiber Internet releases residential pricing. Starting at $64.95 per month, residents in rural areas will have access to fast, reliable internet.

Monthly pricing for fiber internet is as follows: $64.95 for 100 Mbps, $79.95 for 500 Mbps and $99.95 for 1 Gbps before tax. No contracts, just true fiber fast service. For a reasonable price, families can run multiple devices in their home, stream media and keep up with the latest technological advancements.

MidSouth will offer fiber internet in phases based on careful planning and community interest. Crews are already constructing the fiber project so encourage your neighbors to pre-register their address at www.MidSouthFiber.com This keeps you up-to-date with the latest announcements and progress of the project.

Most individuals in the MidSouth territory currently rely on DSL, cable or satellite internet to stay connected online. These options vary in availability based on location and offer limited download speeds and data caps, sometimes only up to 25 Mbps. MidSouth Fiber boasts faster home internet starting at 100 Mbps and reaching up to 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

The availability of fiber internet presents many opportunities. With a reliable source of internet, businesses are more likely to open and prosper in our rural areas, encouraging local economic growth. Individuals can feel more confident working from home, saving time by eliminating daily commutes. Local schools will also be able to better prepare their students by adding technology into their curriculum so they can complete school work at home.

In mid-2018, MidSouth began planning for the project with the focus of making the electrical distribution system more robust and providing a more dependable service to its members. By installing fiber, MidSouth can communicate efficiently and reliably with every one of its devices. Using the same fiber cable, MidSouth announced “Fiber to the Home”, a service where individuals can get their internet, TV and phone service from the same distributor. This will allow consumers to bundle their services and pay for all of them on one monthly bill.

MidSouth was created 80 years ago out of the need for power in rural areas, where no other provider would install electricity. Today, MidSouth Fiber continues the MidSouth legacy by continuing to serve its membership, increase the quality of life and economic health of the community and offer internet, phone and TV services to those within its territory at an affordable price.