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When will I get fiber fast internet?

December 20, 2019

The MidSouth Fiber project will be completed in phases over a period of time.  Projects of this scale require accurate planning and cooperation from nature to be completed quickly.  If we could connect all of our members tomorrow we would, but the reality is connecting all of our members will take several years.

The construction plan is designed in phases starting with phase 1 containing zones 101 through 111.  The zones in phase 2 are scheduled to be completed next, followed by the zones in phase 3.  To help speed up the build out process, encourage your neighbors to pre-register for service.  This lets us know the interest of consumers is a specific area and assist with our planning process that continually evolves.

At MidSouth, we are excited about the possibilities that fiber to the home provides to our community and look forward to bringing industry leading internet speeds to you.  Gigabit speeds that were once only possible in the big city are now going to allow students to complete homework and give people the chance to finally work from home.

Pre-register today!